To create a healthier world than the one we’ve inherited, we have to look at life through someone else’s lens. We have to help people make the connection between healthier building and healthier living. We have to ask questions of people who don’t look like us, who don’t live where we live, and who don’t experience the world the same way we do. In other words, we have to dig deeper.

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USGBC’s four core organizational pillars serve as its foundation: sustainability, health and wellness, resilience and equity. At its heart, these are designed to set a framework for tackling the issues our community cares about most, and to highlight how USGBC and our members, community volunteers, LEED professionals and other key stakeholders are leading in each of these areas.

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By localizing our issues and our stories, we can truly drive market transformation from a grassroots perspective.

Explore stories by program and certification

USGBC and GBCI offer a variety of program and certification types to meet your sustainability goals.

  • LEED green building certification system
  • TRUE program for zero waste performance
  • Sustainable SITES Initiative for sustainable and resilient landscape development
  • Center for Green Schools for making green, healthy schools accessible to all students
  • LEED for Cities and Communities
  • Arc platform for measuring and benchmarking sustainability performance
  • PEER program for power system performance and electricity infrastructure

Featured stories

Better materials equal better lives

Ceilings have always played a prominent role in helping keep spaces clean and safe, but it’s especially true now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clearing the air: What my mother and LEED taught me during the pandemic

A USGBC board member reflects on what both LEED and her mother—an educator based in South Lebanon—have taught her during the pandemic.

How Colombia's Rochester School was able to safely re-open with LEED

The Rochester School in Chía, Colombia, was the first school to re-open in the country following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.