This is a consequential decade. The intersection of climate change, public health, resilience, equity, and the health of our economy has never been more visible or pressing than it is today. Dissecting our past can provide a good window into creating a future where we face these concurrent crises head on.

As part of the Living Standard Campaign, USGBC is taking a closer look at the people, projects, and companies advancing our vision. We are asking individuals from around the world to give us a glimpse at how they began their journeys in green building and environmental action, and how they continue that work today.

Just as every hero has an origin story, or “Storigin,” so too do the champions of the green building community. By sharing your beginnings, we hope to encourage others to think about their own Storigins, why they were first inspired to act, and how their own unique backgrounds can help solve today’s mounting humanitarian, economic, and environmental obstacles.

What first inspired you? How does that early spark continue today? How have your credentials helped you become a leader in creating healthier spaces? How have your leadership roles impacted your commitment to designing a healthier and more prosperous world for all?

Tell us. What are your Storigins?

Gina LaMotte, EcoRise

Jerry Tinianow, City of Denver

David Bluestone, ClearPath Strategies

Jennifer Dowd, National Wildlife Federation

Kevin Bright, City of Rochester, MN

Mayor Michael Hancock, City of Denver

Rami Vagal, Mohawk Group

Frank Niepold, NOAA

Jaimie Cloud, Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

Paul Hutton, Cunningham Group Architecture

Vince Meldrum, Earth Force

Shyam Sunder Paliwal, Piplantri

Swati Puchalapalli, Terra Viridis

Janak Palta McGilligan, Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development
Building Florida’s sustainable future, one home at a time

Marshall Gobuty, Pearl Homes