USGBC’s Living Standard campaign seeks to expand the conversation around sustainability and beyond the green building community to a broader population. The campaign aims to understand perspectives on climate risks from outside our community, so we can reach the people who will be most affected before it’s too late, and in doing so, help raise the standard of living for communities around the world.

To make our Living Standard message and campaign something that can be repeated and amplified by our community, we present an Action Toolkit. The purpose of this Toolkit is to give our community—from LEED professionals and practitioners to USGBC members, from advocates to developers to teachers—tools for how to carry our message to a wider, global audience.

Research suggests the green building community can tap into the public’s desire for better local environments with the following approach:

  • Connect people’s concern to action by localizing the impact of climate-related risks and emphasizing the health impact on friends and family.
  • Show how green buildings can play a bigger role in communities where people live.
  • Embrace more inclusive messaging and language.

Use this Toolkit to go into your communities and networks to help carry the message of the benefits of green building in creating a more sustainable future.

As an alternate version, you can also download a PowerPoint of the Toolkit to present to your audiences. It includes the same information, but in a format that may be more suitable for different audiences depending on how you choose to engage your specific community. It contains speaker notes and a script that you can use as a guide.

If you have any questions about how to use these resources with your audiences, please contact [email protected].