Shift your message to inspire action

USGBC’s Living Standard campaign seeks to expand the conversation around sustainability beyond just the green building community to a broader population. The campaign aims to connect the dots between healthy people, healthy places, and healthy economies, and in doing so, help raise the standard of living for communities around the world.

We present an Action Toolkit to amplify the learnings and messages from our Living Standard campaign. The purpose of this Toolkit is to give everyone in our community — from LEED professionals and practitioners to USGBC members, to advocates to developers to teachers — tools for how to carry our message to a wider audience.

It is no longer enough to lead by stating that green building is the right thing to do. Research suggests the green building community can tap into the public’s desire for healthier environments and economies with the following approach:

  • Connect people’s concern to action by localizing the impact of climate-related risks and emphasizing the health impact on friends and family.
  • Quantify the health, economic, social and environmental benefits of green building.
  • Embrace more inclusive messaging and language.

Use this Toolkit to go into your communities with the singular and profound message that better building is crucial in creating a better standard of living. You can also download a PowerPoint of the Toolkit to present to your audiences. It contains speaker notes and a script that you can use as a guide.

Other ways to take action

This list is not exhaustive and is updated frequently, so make sure to keep checking back!

Standard Issue, Volumes I & II

The Living Standard reports reveal how to talk about what matters most about buildings—the people inside them.

Earn professional credentials

GBCI’s credentials demonstrate proficiency in green building and sustainability, and are a way for professionals to showcase their knowledge, experience, and credibility in the marketplace.

Small steps can lead to giant leaps

Discover where you fall on a matrix of sustainable actions, and inspire others to take the next step.

Share your story

Every single person’s story matters. And when you feel that about yourself, that you have a right to matter, that you have a right to live a healthy, sustainable life, you will want that for others.

Support the U.S. Green Building Council

Support USGBC as we work to raise the standard of living through our people, programs, and products.

Messaging, tools, and resources

USGBC is known for setting guidelines, standards, and protocols. We’ve done this with LEED and other rating systems and programs, so why wouldn’t we do the same with setting the standard in storytelling? We are committed to ensuring our communication better grows and fosters the creation of a healthier, universal standard of living for people across the world.

As we announced at Greenbuild 2020, we’re expanding Living Standard, which includes adding a series of new pages to this website over the coming weeks and months. These pages will provide resources and message framing specific to our different programs, communities, and values, so you can best leverage our tools and information in a convenient format. 

Check back often, and
let us know what tools or resources would be helpful for you!

U.S. Green Building Council
The second generation at USGBC will focus on our relevant and reimagined vision: Healthy people in healthy places equals a healthy economy.
TRUE program for zero waste
TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) focuses on helping buildings, businesses and communities strengthen their commitment to resource management.

If you have any questions about how to use these resources with your audiences, please contact [email protected].