A higher standard of living starts with a higher standard of storytelling. To create a better world than the one we’ve inherited, we have to dig deeper, look at life through someone else’s lens, ask questions of people who don’t look like us, don’t live where we live, and don’t experience everything the same way we do.

We do that by making sure, every single day, we aren’t promoting our values in a vacuum. If we want people to believe in our work, and believe that a better and more sustainable future is in our reach, then we have to make ourselves vulnerable, too. We have to open our own hearts and minds first.

Every single person’s story matters. And when you feel that about yourself, that you have a right to matter, that you have a right to live a healthy, sustainable life, you will want that for others.

Check out these stories from around the world, and then share your own with us! We plan to feature as many as possible here or on our social channels.

Stories from the U.S.
Stories from India