“It’s hard to get well in a place that’s not well.”

Alynn “Bootsie” DAcosta just moved into Waimea Huakai, a new LEED Platinum affordable home in Kauai, Hawaii, and has already felt its numerous benefits. She explains that her family can breathe better and they feel more secure.

Robyn Vettraino, president of sustainability consultancy verde llc, worked on the project and explains that the Platinum certification means that not only are there healthy building materials inside with good air quality, but it’s also walking distance from amenities like parks, a grocery store, the beach, schools, and a hospital. As Bootsie says, “It is the perfect situation.”

EAH Housing, an affordable housing nonprofit organization, manages Waimea Huakai as well as other LEED certified affordable homes, like 2021 USGBC Leadership Award winner Nohona Hale.

“Some people don’t understand what it means to be at peace just to be at home,” continues Bootsie. “That means so much when you get older. You need that…and this place gives you that.”