Announcing the scholarship winners of the Living Standard and Center for Green Schools video storytelling competition.

The U.S. Green Building Council‘s Living Standard campaign and Center for Green Schools are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Sustainability Storytelling Scholarship Competition, which recognizes students who are making a positive impact in their schools and communities by leading on sustainability. 

High school senior Sarah Uyeda won the first place prize of $2,500 toward college tuition, and high school senior Bella Hubbard was the runner-up, earning $1,000 in college tuition. 

Sarah is deeply committed to energy efficiency as demonstrated by her extensive involvement in her community over the past three years. As the senior partner and project manager of student-led company The Royal Engineering and Design LLC., she manages major projects throughout her campus, including the renovation of the library, the Founder’s Hall, and the Innovation and Arts Center. She explains, “Even though I’m attending college next year, I don’t expect to quit my work in clean energy at my school or in my community.” She says, “I want to lead our next generation to a cleaner, better, and brighter future.” 

Bella asks how she can become a leader in the issue she cares about the most: fighting the climate crisis. Through exposure to new cultures, climate leadership training, and becoming an active voice and organizer in her school and community, she is changing the conversation around the crisis. She explains, “I hope that this video will inspire others to jump into this movement the way I did. I hope that my story shows other youth that there is a place for their voice and leadership in this fight.”

Living Standard and the Center for Green Schools wholeheartedly believe in the power of storytelling, the power in highlighting the humanity behind our sustainable actions, and the power in partnering with young people. 

Please join us in congratulating Sarah and Bella and wishing them luck at college and beyond!