ITC Hotels is the greenest luxury hotel chain in the world. A global first, their entire suite of hotels is now LEED Platinum certified. Through their guiding premise, “responsible luxury,” ITC Hotels aims to deliver world-class luxury experiences which address wellness and safety through responsible practices that are in harmony with the environment.   

Beginning in the design stage, each ITC Hotel adheres to the highest LEED green building standards to ensure that energy, water, and solid waste efficiencies are maximized.   

They tackle this goal head on, harnessing renewable energy, recycling water, treating solid waste, sourcing consumables locally, and eliminating single use plastic products. These actions support the local environment, local farmers, guests and employees And of course, they also keep efficient and sustainable architecture at the forefront of their hotels.  

And as of 2021, they add another accolade to their roster: ITC Windsor in Bengaluru is the first hotel in the world to achieve LEED Zero Carbon certification. LEED Zero Carbon recognizes buildings operating at net zero carbon emissions over the course of a year. They have also embarked on certification under both BD+C and Operations and Maintenance.  

With ITC Windsor being powered by its own wind turbine generators, using innovative, energy efficient technologies such as an electrical boiler, induction burners, and other renewable energy, the hotel is a stellar example of how hospitality can make a positive global impact and live up to its core tenet of giving back and being in service of others. Their continued groundbreaking leadership also earned them a regional leadership award at USGBC Live 2021.