Embassy Group, one of India’s leading real estate development firms, has a truly stunning reach. The Group has developed more than 62 million square feet of commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, educational, and industrial spaces, and a land bank, all of which support local economies and communities.  

But what is even more compelling about Embassy Group is that they have committed to using their broad reach for good. With an emphasis on social and community engagement, sustainability has become an increasingly important pillar of their work. 

In fact, many of the corporations that occupy Embassy Group properties are heightening their sustainability efforts and seek properties that can help them achieve this goal. Embassy Group is there to meet the opportunity, and to take them above and beyond. In fact, they have committed to ensuring that all ongoing and future projects in their portfolio are designed to achieve LEED certification.   

Due to their commitment to safe, healthy, efficient spaces for occupants, The Embassy Group is certainly an excellent example of a regional leader. This earned them a regional Leadership Award at USGBC Live 2021.