In Cali, Colombia, USGBC Silver level memberConstructora Bolívar, is developing Vivero Parque Residencial, an urban community development project that is the first in Latin America to achieve LEED for Communities: Plan and Design and is certified LEED Gold. And in 2021, Vivero Parque Residencial earned a 2021 USGBC regional leadership award for its sustainability feats. 

When Vivero Parque Residencial is completed in 2026, it will be home to over 27,000 people, with 9,000 sustainable homes, plus the sustainable infrastructure and systems needed for the highest possible standard of living. This community is planned as an equitable, sustainable, and resilient place, in accordance with the objectives of both USGBC and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

The project creates an inclusive city model, where people of all ages can access and use recreational and quality of life services — including a grand central park. The project team hopes that the high standards of the project will make it possible for the Vivero Parque community to become a leader in sustainable residential communities for Latin America. 

From stormwater and wastewater management, to a focus on walkability and public services, to clean energy source development and responsible construction, Vivero Parque Residencial is doubling down on its the development of a space that reflects our shared values of sustainability, health and wellness, resilience, and equity.