Even after the hardships COVID-19 has wrought, India is the world’s second fastest growing digital economy. And one key aspect of that digital economy growth is in data centers.

A data center is a physical facility where organizations store their critical digital infrastructure and data. They are counted on to provide consistent connection — which means they can’t afford to overheat or lose power due to weather. So, it’s only natural that data center developers are seeking out ways to keep their facilities as energy efficient and resilient as possible. Through this resilience, employees, companies, and communities can be protected into the future.  

In this realm, CtrlS Datacenters have become a clear leader at the forefront of innovation in sustainable practices. Upon learning of LEED Operations and Maintenance certification for data centers, they quickly began pursuing certification for multiple facilities across India.

In fact, CtrlS Datacenters is one of the largest data center providers in the world to be accredited with LEED Platinum certification for its portfolio of projects. In 2017, they certified the world’s first LEED Platinum data center. But CtrlS didn’t stop there. With two additional LEED Platinum certified data centers and two more registered projects working to achieve certification, CtrlS Datacenters is working hard to support the needs of its employees and organizations that rely on them—earning them a regional leadership award during USGBC Live 2021.