USGBC believes that what matters most about buildings is the people inside them. And Padma Shri architect C. N. Raghavendran, Managing Director of C. R. Narayana Rao (CRN) based in Chennai, knows this to be true as well. He says, “You don’t design for somebody looking at the building and saying it’s nice, but you actually design the building so that the occupant feels comfortable, safe, and productive.”

He elaborates, “Equality is very important. Why should anybody not get sustainable living conditions? Why only a few?” He encourages all professionals who are involved in building activity — architects, designers, engineers, promoters, and more — to “talk about a common goal. The goal being energy efficiency, quality of life, the standard of living, and wellness.”

Healthy building leads to healthy living. How are you working to ensure healthier building practices in your community? Share your story.