Presenting the new SITES resource page this Earth Day 2021

Landscapes knit together the fabric of our communities. And sustainable landscapes are critical for their ability to reduce water demand, filter and reduce stormwater runoff, provide wildlife habitat, reduce energy consumption, improve air quality and human health, and increase outdoor recreation opportunities—access to which have been critical this past year.

We recently committed to expanding the Living Standard campaign to support our local, grassroots leaders in our communities who are building a better, healthier, more resilient future every day. As part of this commitment, we launched a resource bank for the TRUE program for zero waste, and today, on Earth Day 2021, we’ve launched a new resource page for our Sustainable SITES Initiative focused on ecological resilience. 

The SITES program focuses on promoting sustainable and resilient land development by connecting design with ecology, and people to place. Because reconnecting humans with nature not only provides health and wellness benefits that come from that connection, but also encourages environmental stewardship in present and future generations. 

You cannot expect to have a higher living standard in the midst of a diminishing ecosystem, and SITES helps raise the living standard by supporting our ecosystems so that they can truly thrive. Not only does SITES ensure a healthier future, but SITES projects actually appreciate in value over time.

On this resource page you can expect to:

  • Explore GBCI’s vision for SITES
  • Learn more about the health and economic benefits of SITES certification
  • Discover stories of how the leaders of SITES are advancing our vision to raise the standard of living 
  • Find ways you can get involved or take the next step

Whether you’re new to SITES, or you’re a distinguished leader in the space, we encourage you to check out our new resource page. Explore it, share it, and tell us what you think. We have more resources like this coming very soon, so please stay tuned!